IP Camera

Multimedia Kingdom Provides different kinds of IP cameras.You can buy them from our showroom .IP Camera  is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via the Internet. They are commonly used for surveillance.  There are Four Types of IP Cameras.

  • Fixed
  • Dome
  • Wireless
  • Indoor  / Outdoor
  • PTZ


This camera is a good choice for monitoring a very specific area. The direction  of these cameras are pointing is typically very clearly visible. And once the camera’s location is set it will stay in that position. This set up is typically small and discreet.


With day/night cameras continuous 24-hour surveillance is possible. These cameras can produce images in low light and even in complete darkness using near infrared light. During night the cameras images are in black and white. And at day the cameras produce full color images.


Ii is one of the most flexible varieties of IP cameras. The cameras connect to a network without using wires. Which gives you the freedom to place cameras wherever security is needed.


It is  ideally suited for use in office, and retail environments. Indoor cameras are available in a large range of models including ones with vandal-resistant housing.


 Cameras are specially designed for outdoor use. It is weatherproof housing that protects against wind, moisture, dust, and other hazards. Many outdoor  cameras are also used for around the clock security.


PTZ cameras allow users to pan, tilt and zoom with either manual or automatic controls. Camera operators have a larger range of controls available to monitor wider areas and zero in on specific objects or activities.

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