Turn Table

The turntable is a musical device that plays records. It is an ancestor of the phonograph invented in 1877 for the recording and playing back of sound . The phonograph later became the gramophone, and then the record player. It was known as a record player since the 1940s until it became known as a turntable in more recent years, especially as it became a device to play records creatively. When the turntable is combined with a DJ workstation or setup it is also referred to as a deck. This is meant to play a vinyl record that has recorded music or sound.

Interesting Turntable Facts:

The term ‘phonograph’ is derived from Greek words meaning ‘voice writing’. Gramophone also has similar meanings.

Brand names used for early turntables/record players were Phonograph, Gramophone, Zonophone, and Graphophone, as well as ‘talking machine’.

While the phonograph could record and play sound, the audio technica is only able to play sound.

When this is used as a musical instrument this is referred to as turntablism. This term refers to manipulating sound to create music with a DJ mixer and turntable.

A musician that uses a turntable to create music is called a turntablist. This term was coined by DJ Dick in the early 1990s.

Some of the techniques used by turntablists include scratching, beat juggling, and beat matching and beat mixing.

Using this device to create music from previously recorded records emerged in the 1930s as experimental music and sound. Early composers in this genre included Halim El-Dabh, Pierre Schaeffer, John Cage, and Edgard Varese.

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