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How to Choose LED Tracing Board?

In recent years, with the widely use of tracing board in arts, crafts, design, drawing, tattoo and photo work, the need for tracing board is increasing. And Huion is a good brand with high quality and good service in tracing boards and tablets. However, there still exists a large number of people don’t know Huion. And you may ask me what the tracing board is?

Actually, LED tracing board also called LED light pad, is a professional tool in the creation of cartoon and animation. When you use this product, you can have several papers overlapping together and you can see the picture of the original paper for the purpose of modification or catching the segments of the picture. Although customers have many various choices for LED tracing board in the market, the product in Huion L4S and A4 is a better choice for everyone for its beautiful appearance, adjustable brightness, eyesight protected design, competitive price and so on.

L4S and A4 have many similarities which show with the same size of 17.7inches, the same active area of 210mmx310mm, and the same acrylic panels work surface. At the first sight, you may not find the differences between these two light pads.

But indeed there exists differences in several aspects:

Firstly, different height and weight. A4 possesses the height of 7mm and the weight of 1.12kg, while L4S is much slimmer and lighter with the height of 5.1mm and the weight of 0.55kg. Compared to the A4, L4S is more portable and convenient, and it is considered as the slimmest tracing board in the field.

Secondly, different adjustable brightness. Both A4 and L4S come with a touch switch which can adjust light of the screen by touching the switch until you get the wanted light. A4 is the brightest light pad in the 17.7 inch line with the highest brightness of 4480 Lux. And L4S has super bright LED lamps with the brightest light of 1100Lux.

And lastly, different connector. A4 has a power code with the length of 1.15m. And L4S has a USB cable which means you can charge both with wall charger and the computer.

In conclusion, these two pads are beautiful and elegant in appearance, light and portable. Besides, they both have the feature of memory, that is, you adjust the light you want and next time you do not need to adjust again. And the most important thing is that it has designed to protect the users’ eyes with uniform light. Anyway, both the L4S and A4 have its advantages, and they will be a good choice for you.

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