Pen Computers

Pen Computers price in BD, and now available in Bangladesh, Wacom Mobile Studio available in Bangladesh.

It is a personal digital assistant or handheld computer. That the user interacts with using a pen device instead of a keyboard. Pen computers require the user to draw symbols that represent characters called graffit. Today pen computing has largely been replaced by touch comuting with devices like Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, Parblo, Veikk etc.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is a world apart from its Cintiq range of devices. Sleeker and less boxy, it feels high-end before you even power it on. The choice of materials is exactly what you’d expect from a device of this cost, and the weight adds to the solid feel.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro isn’t light, but then this isn’t a casual Surface or iPad Pro. It’s a professional-level content creation machine that users will lean on heavily and, as such, needs to be sturdy. Let’s face it when it’s on the desk, the weight is a definite bonus.

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