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We have a large collection of NUC by the best price at our Multimedia Kingdom. We have top brands NUC like Intel, Tharmaltaka etc are one kinds of mini PC. NUC means Next Unit of Computing. It is a small form factor personal computer designed by Intel. The Intel® NUC, a powerful four-by-four inch mini PC with a customizable board that accepts a wide variety of memory, storage, and operating systems. The barebone kits consist of the board, in a plastic case with a fan, an external power supply, and a VESA mounting plate. Intel does sell just the motherboards, which have a built-in CPU. Although the price of a motherboard is very close to the corresponding cased kit. This product has a serial number that uniquely identifies the item. Should your order go missing before it arrives, Multimedia Kingdom may register the serial number with loss and theft databases to prevent fraudulent use or resale of the item.

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