Desktop & Laptop

We have a large collection of  Desktop & Laptop with  the best price at our Multimedia Kingdom. Our Multimedia Kingdom have top brands of Desktop & Laptop like

  • Acer,
  • Apple,
  • Ilife,
  • Microsoft
  • Asus,
  • Dell,
  • Hp,
  • Lenovo,
  • Fujitsu,
  • Msi


A laptop is a small and portable computer small enough that it can sit on your lap. And laptop computers are more frequently called notebook computers. Though technically laptops are  larger in size than notebooks in both thickness and weight.

A notebook is an extremely lightweight personal computer . They have the same CPU and memory capacity and disk drives.

Multimedia Kingdom

Almost all the Laptop & Notebook of Multimedia Kingdom have warranty. So, just visit Multimedia Kingdom and buy your favorite Laptop & Notebook within a few clicks from this online shopping site. Buy this Laptop & Notebook the best price in Dhaka at our official website and have the delivery at your convenience.To know more information call 01755532346.

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    Showing 1–16 of 42 Result