Web Camera

Web Camera are usually cheaper than a standard video camera and allow for face-to-face communication online, making it easy to illustrate things visually to the person you are talking to. This makes the webcam a very versatile device for home or office use.

In 1991, too many trips to an empty coffee pot led Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetzky to invent the world’s first webcam to help late night studiers and programmers keep an eye on coffee levels.

All these things are possible with a simple little inexpensive device called a webcam. A webcam is simply a camera attached to your computer to transmit video over the Internet. Many of the current crop of laptop computers have webcams built right into the computer

The most popular use of webcams is the establishment of video links, permitting computers to act as videophones or video conference stations. Other popular uses include security surveillance, computer vision, video broadcasting, and for recording social videos.

Webcams are built into most laptops and you might have one for your PC, sitting on top of the screen. They’re not just for Skype: you can use a webcam to take a quick photo.They’re not just for Skype: you can use a webcam to take a quick photo.

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