Gaming Mouse Pad

Gaming Mouse Pad

However, as an essential part of the PC gaming experience, a suitable mouse pad is your necessary setup as well. A suitable mouse pad to a fancy  mouse is like the loyal steed to a knight. It can not only add to your setup but also reduce tension on your wrist while gaming and improve mouse tracking.

This mouse pad provides a much more consistent and smooth surface. Some gamers prefer a hard surface vs. this cloth surface. It is just tend to be big which just gives you a larger area to move the mouse. On mice with surface tuning, a mouse pad is often ancillary, especially if you have a smooth, even, resilient surface underneath. In my experience, the average mouse and desk surface are totally harmless to one another, but a good gaming mouse can last for years.

If the mouse pad you have now is working for you, then there is no need to change. There are some pads marketed to improve the accuracy and slipperiness of the pad surface to allow for better movement, but in my opinion, the difference is negligible

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