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Omega Series

Gaming chairs have gained quite a following in recent years. That’s largely due to the comfort they offer for long sessions spent with a controller in your hands or a keyboard at your fingertips. But there’s one area where they often get a bad rap: their “extreme” looks and colorful frills.

But when I stumbled upon Secretlab’s lineup of gaming chairs, I was pleasantly surprised at their understated looks. In particular the company’s new SoftWeave material, which swaps the usual PU leather for a stitched cloth that could fit just as well in an office as it does a gaming setup.

On the side of the chair, you’ll find a reclining lever that very much resembles what you’d find on your car’s seat. What surprised me most is just how steeply you can recline the back of the chair. Pulling the lever gives you a smooth action that allows it to go from a straight 90-degree angle to just shy of 180 degrees.

In other words, the Secretlab Omega is great for a mid-day nap over your lunch break (especially if you’ve got something to prop your feet on).

Along with the reclining action, the Omega includes your standard paddles underneath for locking or unlocking the tilt, as well as raising or lowering the chair to your preferred height. There’s also a dial for controlling the tension. What’s more, even the armrests can be adjusted to your liking, with buttons for moving them up, down, forward, and backward.

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