Loupedeck is available in Bangladesh.The photo and video editing console. It lets you be more creative, makes your editing faster, allows you to focus on what’s important - your craft.

The Camera Raw integration provides more flexibility for Adobe users, allowing them to bring some of the basic features to the product and increase functionality with Photoshop. Camera Raw is one of several Loupedeck+ integrations announced since launching one year ago, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition.

Camera Raw and Photoshop users using Loupedeck+ will be able to:

Categorize their images with stars and colors

Use Loupedeck+ to boost their raw images before editing them fully with Photoshop

Color correct their images using HSL scrolls that work seamlessly with Adobe’s HSL-adjustments tab

Fine tune their image with tone curves, details (sharpening, noise reduction), split toning, lens corrections, effects (vignette, grain) and use camera calibration to fix tonesWe value a customer experience that is always evolving to benefit our users most, said Mikko Kesti.

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