XP-Pen CP A4S USB Light Pad

XP-Pen CP A4S USB Light Pad

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XP-Pen CP A4S USB Light Pad

XP-Pen CP A4S USB Light Pad

  • CP A4S
  • The CP A4S LED lightpad is ideal for many uses; drawing, tracing, displaying various objects, film & slide transferring, X-ray viewing—the possibilities are endless.
  • Convenient no-heat technology.
  • TOur USB lightpad holds a constant temperature of 90 °F to keep your work comfortable.
  • Constant current technology ensures stable brightness, avoids light strobe and provides good protection for the eyes.
  • USB Cable&Charger, Charging Everywhere
  • Providing USB cable & USB Charger. It can be powered by connecting the USB cable with a Computer/Power Bank or USB charger that connects directly into a wall outlet.Computer/Power Bank or USB charger that connects directly into a wall outlet.
  • Adjustable screen brightness.
  • Simply press and hold the power button to adjust to your preferred brightness. The CP A4S lightpad will save your chosen brightness level for subsequent uses—press the power button after turning on the unit to revert to your saved setting.
  • Triple eye protection.
  • Our lightpad features three layers of eye protection; a soft LED light, a protective film, and a transparent glass panel. Its light is gentle and will not harm your eyes, even after prolonged use.
  • Portable Design.
  • The CP A4S lightpad’s display is the same size as a standard A4 sheet of paper. The edges of the display feature measurement markers in centimeters to aid in precise work.

Specification dimension(l x w x h): 360 x 265 x 7mm active area: 12.4″ X 8.6″ Scale size: a4 (315 x 220mm) working surface: pc light source: led working voltage: 12v electric current:500ma guide light way:high quality acrylic light panel scale size:yes net weight:0.79 Kg LED life cycle:6500-7000k power cable length:2m working temperature:active area no more than 30℃,marginal area no more than 37℃ maximum life time:60000 hours rated power:5w light intensity:30-2000cd/m2 warranty:15 months power adapter:100-220v,50/60hz package content 1 x copy board 1 x power cable 1 x anti-fouling glove 2 x clips 1 x user manual.