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Wacom Intuos Art Medium Blue Pen Touch Tablet

Wacom Intuos Art Medium Blue Pen Touch Tablet

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Sku: Wacom CTH-690/BO

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Wacom Intuos Art Medium Blue Pen Touch Tablet

Wacom Intuos Art Medium Blue Pen Touch Tablet

  • Model Number : CTH-690/BO
  • Active Area : Medium: 216 x 135 mm (8.5 x 5.3 in)
  • Wireless Support : YES
  • Weight : Small : 290 ±50g
  • Pixels : 2540 lpi
  • Reading Speed pen : 133pps
  • Smooth and noiseless high quality touch sensitive tablet surface with 1024 pressure sensing battery free digital pen supporting multi-touch gestures like flip, pan, zoom, rotate etc.
  • Four customizable shortcut keys that put your favorite software shortcuts at your fingertips with additional two short cut buttons on the digital pen
  • Fits into your office tasks too replace your PC mouse with a powerful Wacom digital pen for digital note taking, writing on documents, digital signature, handwriting e-mails and on photos and much more
  • 4 application-specific express keys
  • Resolution: 2540 lpi
  • wacom-intuos-art-medium-blue-pen-touch-tablet

Take your artwork to another level

Intuos Art comes with all the tools, services and tutorials you need to take your art up a notch. Getting started couldn’t be simpler the pen feels and behaves just like the traditional brushes, markers and pencils you’re used to. You’re closer than you think.

Your imagination’s the limit of Wacom Intuos Art Medium Blue Pen Touch Tablet

Play. Experiment. Create. An Intuos pen tablet gives you the power to take your work beyond the canvas. Creative software allows your pressure-sensitive Intuos pen to switch between pencils, chalks, oils and watercolors, creating your own unique effects and style.

Software to take your skills further

Dive into Corel Painter Essentials 5 software with your Intuos Art and see how it provides exactly what you need to create your next masterpiece.

So, you’ve already got skills in the locker? Show them off to the world with Intuos Art. Create awesome artwork, print your paintings or share them online. This package has everything you need to paint, design and create artwork that makes people take notice.