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Parblo A610

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Parblo A610

Parblo A610

If you’re looking for a mid-level drawing tablet in budget price then you’ll be pleased with the Parblo A610. It comes with a large drawing area, 8 shortcut keys, a three-command stylus pen and it runs solely off USB power.

Traveling with a tablet can be a pain in the butt. Since the A610 only needs one cable it’s much lighter and more compact to plug in from any location.

And since the price is cheap this might be the perfect drawing tablet for a beginner who’s just getting started with digital drawing/painting. I’ll share my experiences with the A610 giving you a full overview of the product specs, handling, and pros/cons when compared to similar tablets.parblo-a610-graphics-tablet

  • Technology: Electromagnetic Digitizer
  • Active Area: 10″ x 6″
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
  • Report Rate: 230 RPS
  • Express Buttons: 8 Express keys
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 Levels
  • Reading Height: 10mm
  • Supply Voltage: DC 5V
  • Power Consumption: 0.2 W
  • Interface Support: USB
  • USB Cable Length: 150CM
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 360×210×7mm

10″x6″ Large Active Area
10″x6″ large active area allows to release your inspiration on enough space.

5080 LPI resolution, 230 RPS
Bring you smooth user experience, similar to a thin paper.

2048 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity
The harder you press; the thicker and darker lines would be.

Express Keys
Three-button mouse commands and eight express keys, provides ease of operation and saves time.

Ergonomic arc design
Humane innovative design, taking into account the different needs of customers right-handed or left-handed.

It suits for both Windows and Mac OSX operation system; being compatible with most part of usual and mainstream drawing software that support pen pressure.

Warranty one year provided by Multimedia Kingdom 

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