F&D E620 Professional Stereo Earphone

F&D E620 Professional Stereo Earphone

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F&D E620 Professional Stereo Earphone

Sleek aluminum cavity protects your earphones from everyday wear and tear without sacrificing durability

Beautifully Designed Packaging

100% recyclable ,green materials opening flap shows you exactly what you’re getting textured cardboard that’s soft to the touch

Use Anytime,Anywhere with almost any Device

Glod plated input is corrosion and rust resistant.Standard sized conpatibility, compatible with Apple,Samsung,Blackberry and other widespread devices

Beauty,Versitility and Quality finally Meet Here

Heart-Thumping bass brough to life with supreior materials and expert craftsmanship.Magnetic Neodymium driver and 9mm vibrating diaphragm delivers sophisticated sound quality