Artisul Pencil Medium Metalic Grey Graphics Tablet

Artisul Pencil Medium Metalic Grey Graphics Tablet

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Artisul Pencil Medium Metalic Grey Graphics Tablet

For learners or pros, photographers or painters, young or old, Artisul Pencil is accessible for anyone who wants to expand their digital horizons.With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity in its pen tip and eraser, the Artisul Pencil Medium’s 6″ by 9″ active working area allows for versatile and realistic drawing maneuvers.Powered via USB, this ultra thin and light (100g) sketchpad will brighten your workspace and help unlock your creative potential. Compatible with Mac and Windows, Artisul Pencil can be simply plugged into your computer and used right away.Whether you’re left or right-handed, optimize your workflow with 4 customizable shortcut keys. With the Artisul Pencil, it’s all in your control.A functional alternative to your mouse or track pad. Use it to sketch, design, draw, or even write digital signatures.

Inspired by old-school wooden pencils, the Artisul Pencil has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, along with a fully pressure-sensitive and functional eraser. The sketchpad’s sleek and simple design will add creativity and style to any desk. Use effortless shortcuts with 4 customizable FastAccess keys, which can be set to best suit your dominant drawing hand. Ergonomically more gesture friendly for your wrist. Artisul Pencil Medium comes in 2 unique sizes to fit the way you work: Small (6″x4″) and Medium (9″x6″).